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Number 1: Welcome to my Number newsletter

I’m excited to share my inaugural, original and first Number newsletter with those of you who have supported my lifelong nerd’s journey.

I hope you enjoy this regular* catch-up to discuss everything fun in the crazy numbers world and a sneak peek at what's keeping me busy these days.

<<< I published my 8th book Maths 101! This one's for all parents who want to help ther kids master primary school maths and better understand the fundamentals.

And I’m still buzzing that Leah said 'yes' and that we are now wed! In case you’re wondering, yes the day did have a mathematical feel ... we chose the fourth Saturday in January which was the gorgeous palindrome 22-1-22.

(In case you're wondering, a palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards.)

Throw in a visit to Hobart’s phenomenal MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) established by maths genius-cum-provocateur David Walsh and I feel the whole nine days had just the right amount of numerical fun. (And as you can see from the below photo, yes, I might have a thing for triangles!!!)

Did you know?​ Enjoy these fascinating numerical facts

Loudest word shouted The Guinness World record for shouting was long held by Belfast school teacher Annalisa Flanagan for her 121.7 decibel rendition of the word "quiet!!!"

1 is NOT a prime number Now 1 x 1 = 1 seems to make it a prime candidate (get it?!!!). However, if 1 was a prime number, the concept of primality itself would become meaningless!

Palindromes are cool This year the 22nd of February was a palindrome when written 22-2-22 but also in full date form 22/02/2022. Pretty cool hey!

The Swans are in da house!

<<< 1982 and 2022! (source: News Corp Australia)

Fans of AFL football may well remember the iconic photo of the 1982 Sydney Swans charging down the steps of the Opera House. Forty years on, I was humbled to host the 2022 Swans season launch, on those very same steps. A few things have changed - the “outsiders” are now loved in the harbour city, the premiership drought has well and truly been broken, and the shorts - shall we say - leave a bit more to the imagination. The sight of the Red and White at one of the world’s most famous landmarks still gets the blood pumping. To all Swans fans reading Number, I hope to see you at the SCG this season, cheering the boys on. And bring on our AFLW team in 2023!

Adam Spencer's Maths 101 The Curly Questions Your Primary School Kids Will Ask You (with the answers!)

The moment a good friend locked himself in his bathroom and texted me a maths question from his seven-year-old kid, I knew I had to write Maths 101. It’s a complete guide to all the curly maths moments your child will provide as they navigate primary school. From the traditional syllabus stuff “Mum why don’t we just add the top and bottom of the fractions together?” to the beautiful riddles they throw out from left field “How big is infinity?” Maths 101 has all the answers! As I put the finishing touches on Number 001, it's lashing down rain outside. At the same time, I'm mindful that we've been luckily spared the worst of it. My thoughts go out to everyone battling floods in southern Queensland and northern NSW. If, like me, you've been lucky enough to avoid the deluge, perhaps consider donating a few dollars to the Red Cross QLD and NSW Flood Appeal, your local SES, or similar. Yours in numbers, Adam


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