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Laugh and learn with one of Australia’s most dynamic and engaging minds


Adam has hosted award-winning breakfast radio shows in Australia’s toughest markets and live current affairs TV. He has won improvised theatre competitions and once interviewed John Travolta in front of 75,000 people. Whether it’s a technically demanding event with dozens of moving parts, or flying by the seat of your pants, Adam prides himself on the high level of energy, engagement and entertainment that he provides whenever on stage, set or screen

With 25 years experience in television, radio and events, Adam loves curating challenging and thought-provoking conversations. He has interviewed prime ministers, Hollywood stars, Fortune 500 CEOs, Nobel Prize-winning scientists and Australians of the Year… and he was also the first person in the world to ever interview our legendary Thai cave rescuers.

Adam loves doing the research and crafting the narrative that helps people tell their story. He's informative, fun and guaranteed to impart take-aways you’ve never heard before. If there's only time to ask one quick question of a speaker before moving on, you know it will be an awesome question and just watch what he can get out of them. All done with an obsessive focus on keeping to time that only 15 years of breakfast radio can give you. 

Whether a keynote address or hosting your entire event; whether in person, online or hybrid... If you want your CEO, your experts, your customers brought to life in a conversation that lasts anywhere from three minutes to an hour - let’s chat. 

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Keynote speaking topics

001 Winning the Numbers Game in our digital world more

002 Cyber security - beware the cat video more

003 How digital transformation will change work and business forever more

004 Mathematics education and the importance of numeracy more

001 Winning the Numbers Game in our digital world  


Australia’s favourite and most entertaining mathematician shows you how factors like AI, Cyber Security and ChatGPT are disrupting business. Learn how you can win in this digital world. 

Audience takeaways:

  • How Artificial Intelligence will impact every industry and how to harness its potential 

  • The crucial role every worker plays in your cyber security 

  • The business potential of holding a supercomputer in your hands 

  • How to keep up if the pace of digital disruption feels overwhelming 

Adam Spencer | MC and keynote speaker |  AI artificial intelligence cybersecurity digital transformation ChatGPT science technology maths mathematics
002 Cyber security - beware the cat video! 

A cybercrime is reported in Australia every seven minutes. Whether it's catphishing, ransomware, deep fake videos - cyber is a new game altogether. It is slick. It is personalised. And it is everywhere. As Adam likes to say, "You’re only as strong as your weakest link … and that link is Gary from accounts - who just LOVES cat videos."

Audience takeaways: 

  • The cutting-edge best - or should we say, worst - examples of cybercrime 

  • The sheer scope and types of cybercrime in Australia 

  • Practical tips you can employ right now to improve your cyber security

  • Why protecting your business is a people and culture issue as much as a software one 

Adam Spencer | MC and keynote speaker |  AI artificial intelligence cybersecurity digital transformation ChatGPT science technology maths mathematics
003 How digital transformation will change work and business forever


Your mobile phone has the power of what 20 years ago was the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Artificial Intelligence can already do multiple aspects of your job faster and more accurately than you can. Don’t put all this in the too-hard basket - let Adam show you how to make AI technology work for you today and carry you into tomorrow. 

Audience takeaways: 

  • The power of everyday devices - you’re carrying a supercomputer in your pocket! 

  • Why you must understand how AI, and in particular large language models like ChatGPT, can help your business 

  • Tips for keeping up if you feel overwhelmed by the pace of change 

  • The power to be drawn from the youngest people in your workforce 

004 Mathematics education and the importance of numeracy 


As Australia’s best-known popular mathematician, Adam has been entertaining and inspiring educators, parents and kids with his joy for all things mathematical. His TED Talk on Monster Prime Numbers has had over two million views and is regularly voted one of the top 10 best TED Talks for maths and science, and he was one of the featured speakers in Carmen Gallo’s 2022 book Talk Like Ted - the 9 public speaking secrets of the world’s top minds. 

Audience takeaways: 

  • The joy of mathematics 

  • The importance of maths and STEM education 

  • Encouraging girls into maths and science 

  • Cool maths facts you can use to blow other people’s minds 


Client testimonials

“The things Adam Spencer talks and writes about should be taught in every school worldwide.” 
Malcolm Gladwell | Author  - The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers


“I’ve never laughed harder on a corporate stage. What a chat!” 
Alan Joyce | CEO Qantas

“Adam nailed it … smart, funny … keeping the audience engaged, laughing and interested.”
Melanie Silva | MD Google Aust & NZ

“Our first ever on stage interview and we couldn’t have been in better hands.”
Craig Challen | Thai Cave diver rescuer

“Adam held a room of Nobel Prize Winners in the palm of his hand.”
Brian Schmidt | Nobel prize for Physics

“The best interview of GE CEO Jeff Immelt I’ve ever seen” 
Joanne Woo | GE VP Marketing and Comms

“One of the most motivational and well constructed conversations I’ve ever been part of” 
John Longmire | Head Coach Sydney Swans

“When Adam Spencer gets his geek on, it is a joy to behold.”
Russell Crowe | Legendary Actor

“I’ve been to nine Congresses and that was the best opening I’ve seen.”
Bill Nye | ‘The Science Guy’ at 68th International Astronautical Congress

“The perfect deep dive into the life and mind of a titan of business [Indra Nooyi, CEO Pepsico].”
Karen Beattie | CEO Growth Faculty 

“The MC of choice for the tech industry.”
Martin McCabe | Account Executive Salesforce

“To celebrate our $1 billion “Inspired” philanthropic campaign, Adam was the perfect MC.”
Dr Michael Spence | Former VC University of Sydney

“Across the detail - and so quick on his feet”
Fran Barlow | Head of Events Microsoft

“Funny and smart; Adam was the perfect host for our campaign to get Aussie families holidaying at home.”
Steve Cox | CEO Destination NSW

“Chatting AI with Adam and Garry Kasparov was incredible. Watching Garry destroy Adam at chess was hilarious.”
Justin Baird | CTO Microsoft Startups APAC

Adam Spencer | MC and keynote speaker |  AI artificial intelligence cybersecurity digital transformation ChatGPT science technology maths
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