The Number Games (signed copy)

The Number Games (signed copy)


Who’s smarter — a four-year-old chimp or a four-year-old human?

How much does it cost to stop a computer virus?

And will you really become a billionaire at 31?

The answers to all these questions — as well as over 100 brain-busting and mind-bending number games, puzzles and quizzes — are in Adam Spencer’s The Number Games.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 60, this fascinating adventure from 1 to 100 is the perfect way to exercise the grey matter, keep you on your toes … and make you, well, generally AWESOME!

So sharpen your pencils and get ready for this year’s most exciting battle: The Number Games.

Praise for Adam Spencer’s Big Book of Numbers 

‘Funny, informative and, even better for dummies like me, all the answers are in the back.’ Wil Anderson

‘If you find this book boring, you should be in a clinic.’ John Cleese

‘Every bright young mind in Australia should read Adam Spencer’s Big Book of Numbers — and we oldies would benefit too.’ Peter FitzSimons

‘Even the page numbers will start to look fascinating once you’ve read this book!’ Amanda Keller

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